Hey everyone! I thought I'd give you all a little background on myself- My name is Ashley Hughes, I'm  24 and i'm married to my best friend and high school sweetheart! He's my first and only love and I consider myself the luckiest girl alive!  I became a mommy on April 1st 2012 to not one but TWO precious souls (Simon & Cohen)! They are inseparable little boys and they love to get into everything and anything they're not supposed to! They love giving each other kisses which makes their moms heart melt! I love fashion and follow lots of fashion blogs which all inspire my sense of style. Being a mom to twins has definitely taken over my budget, leaving me with hardly anything to spend on clothes which gave me the idea of starting this blog! My first inspiration to start a budget/fashion blog came to me last summer when I was watching a television clip on a girls fashion blog in my home town. I absolutely fell in love with her necklace (those bubble necklaces you see everywhere now). I jumped  on my laptop and searched for her blog so I could see where she got that incredible necklace! To my HUGE disappointment, it was $175.00!! No way could I ever spend that kind of money on one accessory! Thats an entire months worth of food (or diapers!) Luckily, someone got smart and made replicas of those darling necklaces and I proudly own 3 which I paid $8 for! My point is, I seriously would just tease myself by following these high end blogs where the girls are wearing shoes that are $300 and a jacket thats $1000 because all it did was make me want all their amazing pieces! (I'm not hating on anyone here, I have respect for every fashion blog out there and if you can afford the finer things more power to ya!!) I'm here for the average girls that live on a budget and think good style isn't affordable! Feel free to comment or ask any questions! I'd love to hear some opinions! :)

Here's some photos of my darling little family!

My little boys are growing SO fast! Wish time would slow down!


  1. This is so cute Ashley! I am so glad you liked my pic on instagram, which allowed me to see your new blog! I will follow along and comment when I can!!

  2. This is soooo amazing! A realistic blog I can follow and afford the fashion pieces! I love shopping on a budget! I'm working on my fashion sense, and I can't afford to pay 1/4 of my rent on a single piece of fashion....and it seems you are the answer to my prayer! I will be your loyal follower! ;-) Hahaha! And you have cute babies...what's not to love!

    1. Wow thank you so much!! You are way too kind!! And I totally agree with ya! Fashion can be so pricy BUT it's so fun when you find great deals! That's what i'm here for! ;)