Thursday, March 28, 2013

{"IT WORKS" Frequently Asked Questions}

How does it work?
 Everyone is born with as many fat cells as they will ever have. BUT, your fat cells can grow 1000x the size they naturally are. That is what causes us to gain weight and get that lovely cottage cheese. Cellulite is caused by fat cells bloated with toxins. The Ultimate Applicator works by tightening, toning and firming. Daily, toxins are naturally removed from the body by your stool, urine and the air you breathe out. The ingredients continue to work for 72 hours after you have applied the Ultimate Applicator, so you may continue to see progressive results over this time period.The botanical blend in our wraps penetrate the skin and enter into the deeper skin layers, getting straight to the fat cell where it releases the toxins out of them. Those toxins are then picked up by the blood stream, filtered through the kidneys and are essentially eliminated through your urine. 
All you need to do is wear the wrap for 45 minutes and drink lots of water! 
(Drinking water will flush the toxins out of your system quicker!)

What is the Ultimate Applicator?

The Ultimate Body Applicator is a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming results when applied to the skin. It continuously hydrates for firmer, smoother, more youthful-looking skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite and skin slackening. See results in 45 minutes.

How Much are they?
Each wrap is $25.00. If you become a loyal customer, they are $15.00

How do you become a loyal customer?
Normally, there is a $50 sign up fee but they are waiving that fee if you commit to buying a product off their website for 3 months! They have a TON of other product like fat burners, multi-vitamins or even weight loss/protein bars! So it's not a hard thing to commit to because they have inexpensive products AND you're getting everything at the same price distributors get them for! Another thing you can do if you buy a bunch of wraps and don't want to use them all, you can sell them and make a profit!
visit my website HERE to sign up! 

Can anyone use the Ultimate Applicator?

The Ultimate Applicators are formulated for adults. They are not recommended for children. While our products are safe and effective, we do not recommend that pregnant or nursing moms use the Ultimate Body Applicator or the Chin and Neck Applicators.

How often can I use the Ultimate Applicators?
The Ultimate Applicators can be used every 72 hours and should not be used closer than that since they are continuing to work during that time.

How long should I leave the Ultimate Applicator on?
If it is your first time using an Ultimate Body Applicator, we recommend that you only leave the Applicator on for 45 minutes to test your skin sensitivity to the natural ingredients. For best results, use Defining Gel twice a day in between your Applicator uses.

Can I use more than one Applicator at a time?
We encourage you to use only one Ultimate Body Applicator wrap at a time because it will give you the most dramatic results when targeting one area at a time. The Ultimate Body Applicator targets the specific area where you have applied it and will continue to work for 72 hours.

What about for arms and legs, is it okay to wrap them at the same time?
For leg and arm applications, it is safe to either cut one Applicator in half and use half on each limb, or, if necessary, use one Ultimate Body Applicator on each limb to promote symmetry.

If I have personal medical issues, can I use The Applicators?
If you have concerns about whether or not the It Works! products are right for you, we strongly recommend that you print off the ingredients of the products you are interested in and then consult with your physician.

you can find the ingredients lists for any of our products by browsing through our Products section. Simply click on the product you are interested in, and then click on "View Ingredients" on that product's page.

Will the Applicators interfere with the medications I am currently taking?
If you have a medical concern, allergies or sensitivities, we suggest that you consult with your physician or personal pharmacist to help you answer those questions. Just print the ingredients lists by clicking on the actual product page and then click on "Ingredients". You can have your physician review the ingredients pertaining to your personal health situation.

What are the sizes of the Applicators?
Each Ultimate Body Applicator is approximately 13" X 21" and comes in a versatile shape that can be applied wherever you choose to see results, such as the stomach, sides, back, upper arms, thighs, or lower legs.

When I used the Ultimate Body Applicator, I noticed a small rash on my skin afterward. What would cause this?
Very rarely, some people develop a rash from the Ultimate Applicator. Occasionally, someone may find they have an allergy to an ingredient that could produce a rash and this is why we always encourage new customers to consult the ingredient lists before using our products. If you have a persistent rash, we recommend that you consult your physician.

How long do the results last from the Ultimate Body Applicator?
The results you see from the Ultimate Body Applicator are not temporary, as you may have experienced or heard about with many body wraps that simply cause water loss. The Ultimate Body Applicator helps tighten, tone, and firm in a manner that produces lasting results—without water loss.

As is true with any weight loss or body slimming, you can reverse the results you see from the Ultimate Body Applicator with poor eating habits and lack of exercise. This is why we say, depending on your eating habits and level of daily activity, you can expect your results to last approximately anywhere from 2 - 6 months.

Using Defining Gel daily can help you make sure that you improve and maintain your results from the Ultimate Body Applicators. Continued use of the Ultimate Body Applicators will also help you achieve continued results and maintain results you may be reversing with eating and lifestyle 

I didn't notice instant results, what went wrong?

The Ultimate Body Applicator is working to detox so, there are several questions I would have for someone who is having a difficult time losing.

1. Are you regular? If someone is not regular, there is probably a lot of gunk stuck in their system that needs to be released. The toxins that are getting stirred up have nowhere to go!

2. Do they have stretchmark’s? When someone has stretch marks the wrap works to heal the stretch marks first and the inch loss might come later.
3. How much water are you drinking? Because the toxins are getting stirred up, the water helps to flush them out of the system. If someone is dehydrated, the water they drink is absorbed as their "normal water intake" and they need to drink even more!!! They do want to drink water for 3 days after wearing the wrap.
4. Everyone's body is different. Things like pore size, toxicity level, smoking, water intake, etc. all can impact the speed at which the applicator works. Sometimes helps to open up pores with a warm wash cloth...
5. The applicator is putting GOOD nutrition into the skin. So, even if they are not losing a ton of inches right away, they typically see toning and tightening of the skin, and moisturizing of the skin
6. Is the client on any medications or have thyroid issues? Sometimes that impacts things as well as some meds make the body retain water, etc.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

{"IT WORKS" body wraps}

I am THEEEE most skeptical person you'll ever meet. So when I heard you could potentially lose between 1 and a few inches in 45 minutes I laughed at the thought! I was shown pictures of before/after which made me believe it a little more but I still had to try it for myself. SO, I met up with a distributor, gave her my $25, took some pictures and measurements and then tried this puppy on.

(these photos are completely untouched)

Once I put the pictures side by side I was SHOCKED!! This looks like weeks of hard work!!
Summer is right around the corner, and I know most of you men and women would love to just tighten in certain areas! Who wouldn't love to throw on a wrap one hour before heading off to the pool and get some amazing quick results! Don't like your thighs or arms? these work on any body part!

How it works
Maybe your doubting that it's possible to loose inches or look better in 45 minutes, but there is science behind this wrap thing! 
Did you know: Everyone is born with as many fat cells as they will ever have? BUT, your fat cells can grow 1000x the size they naturally are. That is what causes us to gain weight and get that lovely cottage cheese. Cellulite is caused by fat cells bloated with toxins.

Here is a picture showing the difference between healthy and bloated fat cells

So how does this work?
 The botanical blend in our wraps penetrate the skin and enter into the deeper skin layers, getting straight to the fat cell where it releases the toxins out of them! Those toxins are then picked up by the blood stream, filtered through the kidneys and are essentially eliminated through your urine. 

All you need to do is wear the wrap for 45 minutes and drink lots of water! 
(Drinking water will flush the toxins out of your system quicker!)

How often can you wrap?
You can wrap again within 72 hours!

Is this permanent?
The results are guaranteed for 30-60 days, but they have been permanent for many customers!

Take a look at a few other stories!

The picture below is after only 6 wraps!!


Wrap: $25.00 each
($15.00 each for loyal customers!)

Wrap parties- Throw your very own wrap party and receive a $25 credit for your own wrap OR one 
of the other amazing products we have!

Wondering what a wrap party is? All you do is find some friends who would be interested in trying the wrap and we can host a little get together at your place or mine! I come in, take your measurements and wrap everyone! I then talk about what the product does while we wait for 45 minutes (Oh, and make sure there are water bottles a plenty for everyone to be guzzling during the 45 minutes!)
 Once it's time to take the wraps off, I re-measure everyone and get to see everyones excitement as they see themselves tighter and thinner!

To buy a wrap, host a wrap party, OR to join my AMAZING team, email me at!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

{lemons & lace giveaway!!}

My hunny didn't have to go to work until noon today, so we took advantage of our morning with him and went out to play! Unfortunately, it was freezing. This dang Utah weather keeps tricking us! We were still able to snap some darling pictures of the twins in their lemons & lace bow ties though and be still my heart-- aren't they the sweetest little things you ever did see? 

This weeks giveaway is your choice of ANYTHING on the Lemons & Lace website! You can choose from a headband to a bow tie for your kiddo, whatever you want! Read below on rules to enter!

**To see the winner of the last weeks purse giveaway go HERE!**

Faux leather jacket: Deb  $13.00
Skinni jeans: Forever 21 $17.80
Headband: Lemons & lace $11.99
Earrings: Forever 21 $4.80
Necklace: Forever 21 $4.80
Get this look for: $52.39

Little guys bow ties: Lemons & Lace 

Shoes: Forever young 

 (How life really is with twins.. Running in different directions!)


 Simon -- a little bit intimidated by the large man statue!

Winner will be announced Monday, April 8th
(Leave a separate comment for each step you complete!)

1. Visit the Lemons & Lace website and comment on which item you would choose
2. Follow my blog OR follow via email with "blog lovin" (both on right side bar)
3. Follow on instagram (@ashleyhuze) OR pinterest
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And the winner is...
I would love the Zesty Zig Zag:
I follow you on bloglovin, instagram, and pintrest!

CONGRATS!! Email me at to redeem your prize!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{Dressed up T}

 I used to be a major punker girl when I met my husband at 16 and we were both a little on the dark side. I had short spiky hair and wore all black everything- (my hair has still not fully recovered from my terrible hack job, and I will be enslaved by extensions for the rest of my life!) I would say I was one inch away from being considered a "goth"! (EEK) Thankfully, we both grew out of this stage and got some style, but I still find myself from time to time lurking in the spike/stud section of jewelry. I'm thrilled that it's now really trendy and acceptable to everyone and its ok to wear it with anything (even a dress- never thought I'd see the day!)
Onto the outfit- I love graphic T's, and I love maxi's. I probably wear to much of both but it's so fun to turn a casual t shirt into something more dressy!

(LAST day to enter in this weeks purse giveaway! Go HERE to enter!)

Top: Walmart (on clearance) $5.00
Maxi skirt: TJ Maxx (in stores only) $16.00
Earrings: Forever 21 $4.80
Necklace: Rue 21 $7.99
Watch: Rue 21 $12.99
Bracelet: c/o Dress Link $1.67
Crown Ring: c/o Dress Link $0.81
Get this look for $49.26

(Utah sunsets = the best sunsets!)

Monday, March 18, 2013

{swing time!}

Our little family had our first fun adventure on the swing set the other day, and boy did the kiddo's have a great time! They laughed and laughed as mom and dad pushed them in the swing! I am counting down the days till summer (literally) so we can spend all of our time outdoors! 

(To enter this weeks purse giveaway, go HERE!)

Top: Ross (in stores only) $10.99
Jeans: Forever 21 $17.80
Necklace: Forever 21 $7.80
Bracelet: Forever 21 (old) $4.80
Get this look for: $41.39 

Heels: Rue 21 (on sale in stores for $12.99)

Now for the fun at the park!

Ever wondered what these awkward swings were made for? Twins!! ;)

Such a mama's boy.. 

The boys have some WILD hair right now because of all their cowlicks (and the fact me and daddy refuse to cut their hair-we want little shaggy boys!) so if you ever see us out and about, they will most likely have a hat on. This is also my excuse to wear a hat, because they are so darn cute in them!!

{skinnies and ankle shoes}

I've had a  huge obsession lately with rolled up skinnies with little laced up ankle shoes and I was really excited to finally wear them! They are so casual and trendy and you can always find them at a cheaper price then the high end stores! Check out these true religion jeans HERE  and similar shoes HERE for instance! These two items alone could have cost $288 and I got the exact look for a fraction of the cost! 

(to enter this weeks purse giveaway- go HERE)

Top: Forever 21 $14.80
Ankle zipper skinnies: Forever 21 $17.80
Necklace: Forever 21(in stores only) $8.80
Bracelet: Forever 21 (old) $4.80
Get this look for: $46.20

Saturday, March 16, 2013

{Liebster Award & Bubble necklace winners!}

{Bubble Necklace Winners HERE}

Got this nomination from Cayli Sue at "Night Chayde" AND Kurstin Sherman at "Serenity & Bliss"! I have never done anything like this so I was a bit excited! This is simply just a way for bloggers to expand our blog circles by getting to know each other!

1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
2. Write 11 facts about yourself once nominated.

 3. Answer the 11 questions from the person who nominated you.

4. Nominate 11 blogs with 200 or less followers.

5. Create 11 Questions for those bloggers to answer.

11 Facts about me

  • I have twins, (but i'm sure you already knew that!)
  • I have to drink a straw out of the side of my mouth, I can't drink one like your average joe.
  • My right thumb is a LOT shorter then my left thumb. (Got this lovely trait from my gramps!)
  • I hate being wet! And it literally drives me crazy when I see my husband get out of the shower and put on a shirt while he's still soaking wet. I guess I hate others being wet as well?
  • I have a daily routine I have to stick to or i'll be frantic the rest of the day.
  • I can't sleep with closet doors open. They make the room look messy and I can't wake up to a mess.
  • The most expensive piece of clothing I own is a pair of pants from buckle. They were $100 and I absolutely hate them but can't seem to part with them because they cost $100.
  • I've been in like with lots of boys, but i've only been in love with one.
  • My favorite TV shows are Everybody loves raymond, King of Queens, Reba, Brothers and Sisters and Snapped. (in that order)
  • One of my proudest moments was when I learned how to successfully drive a manual car. It took me an embarrassing amount of time to learn.
  • I have 3 siblings but 14 sibling in-laws! (husband has 11 brothers and sisters- Yes, all from same parents)
  • I've never been on a plane.

11 questions from Cayli

1. How long have you been blogging for?
Total- about a year! (I have a separate blog for crafting/baking/decorating etc!)

2. What blog inspired you to start your own blog?
There wasn't any one specific blog, but a lot of fashion blogs in general. Mainly the fashion blogs where the ladies are wearing items that cost a few hundred dollars. I wanted to start a blog that was just the opposite. Dressing on a budget! Something the average girl has to do anyway but we spend our time lusting over clothing we can never have. Every outfit of mine is achieved with less then $55! Can't really beat that!

3. What clothing item do you own multiples of?
I fell in love with one specific top last summer and bought it in every color- first and only time i've ever done this! 

4. Favorite brand of makeup?
I love all Revlon products! 

5. If you had to be left on an island with one small bag what would you cram into it?
My Mac! (lets say I have a larger bag!) That way I could spend my time writing and hopefully would be able to get some reception to know what was going on out in the world! ;)

6. If you had one store to sponsor you who would it be?
Forever 21 all the way! I could simply own every single item in their store.

7. Which celeb do you think you look most like?
A few years ago, when I wore a bit darker clothing and had black long hair with bangs, I was told on a daily basis I looked like Ashlee Simpson. In fact, I was on vacation in California during this time period where I was rushed by a group of 10 little girls screaming "ASHLEY!!" So I turned around, (haha-) and they asked me for my autograph! I wen't along with it and signed everyones little paper. To this day those little girls probably think they met Ashlee Simpson. ;)

8. Favorite food to eat?
Candy! But to be specific- Kit Kats, Milk Duds, Cadbury mini eggs etc. I have a bottomless pit when it comes to chocolate!

9. What kind of car to you drive?
A Honda Civic and a Mitsubishi Evo. My hubbs usually drives my honda because of the gas, so i'm usually stuck with the race car. Its always a joke to people when I pull up next to them cause I know they're expecting to see a guy, but instead see a mom bumping to mickey mouse jams.

10. If you could own any animal in the world what would you own?
A cute monkey (there are some not so cute monkeys) so I had to be specific here.

11. Do you have a job outside of blogging?
Yes! I do eyelash extensions and nails.

11 questions for nominees

1. What inspired you to start your blog?

2. What's your Favorite food?

3. What's your dream vacation?

4. What's your dream job?

5. How long have you been blogging for?

6. What's your favorite movie?

7. Where are you from?

8. If you won $1,000,000 what would you do with it?

9. What's something that makes you unique?

10. What's your pet peeve?

11. Who is your favorite band?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

{faux leather}

The entire reason I started this blog was to show women you don't need a ton of money to look or feel stylish, and this outfit completely portrays this! For instance, the clothing part of this outfit only cost a total of $6!! That's right! You can score yourself a pair of these amazing faux leather leggings for less then $2! Hello!! How awesome is that? Especially for the fact they REALLY do look leather! (My husband had to feel them because he didn't believe they were fake!) I found this top in a clearance section and it was the first shirt I grabbed. Don't be afraid to shop in this section! I always walk away with a few things that are 1/4 the original price. Its so worth it!
I also am a little obsessed with this purse and I've never seen anything like it! It's the perfect piece when you want a pop of color!

(To enter this weeks blue and yellow polka dot purse giveaway, go HERE)

Top: Rue 21 (on clearance) $3.99
Faux leather leggings: c/o Dress Link $1.99
Purse: c/o Dress Link $7.00
Necklace: Rue 21 $7.99
Bracelet: c/o Dress Link  $1.67
Crown Ring: c/o Dress Link $0.81
Get this look for: $23.45

Shoes: Rue 21

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

{Purse Giveaway!!}

I am so in love with this purse given to me by one of my lovely sponsors! So much in fact, I'm giving one away to a lucky follower!! Read the details below on how to enter!

Top: Tj Maxx (in stores only) $8.99
Skirt: Tj Maxx (in stores only) $16.99
Necklace: Etsy $ 11.00
purse: c/o Dress Link $12.50
Bracelet: Forever 21 (old) $4.80
Crown Ring: c/o Dress Link $0.81 
Get this look for: $55.09

Winner will be announced Friday, March 22nd
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***And the winner is...***
I follow you on bloglovin! My user name is: awhdarling

Email me at subject line "giveaway winner"