Monday, March 11, 2013

{flat curls to fab curls!}

 I'm sure i'm not the only fish in the sea with extremely thin/flat/limp hair, so I thought a quick tutorial would come in handy for all you ladies who have the same problem!

All you need is about 15 seconds and a large brush.
Here we go!

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1. Start out with curled hair- make sure its all the way cooled before the next step!

2. part your hair to two sides, and holding the bottom of your hair, begin to brush your hair up- giving it  some major rat!

3. Back comb- (or should I say back brush) anywhere on top that needs some help

4. Stop once your hair looks like a big crazy mess!
Now using the same brush, gently brush over any wild pieces to calm it down a little.

5. Hairspray and Viola!!  


  1. Never thought to use a brush! I will for sure try it! Some days I have lifeless hair!

  2. My hair ALWAYS falls flat this is perfect for some volume!