Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{Dressed up T}

 I used to be a major punker girl when I met my husband at 16 and we were both a little on the dark side. I had short spiky hair and wore all black everything- (my hair has still not fully recovered from my terrible hack job, and I will be enslaved by extensions for the rest of my life!) I would say I was one inch away from being considered a "goth"! (EEK) Thankfully, we both grew out of this stage and got some style, but I still find myself from time to time lurking in the spike/stud section of jewelry. I'm thrilled that it's now really trendy and acceptable to everyone and its ok to wear it with anything (even a dress- never thought I'd see the day!)
Onto the outfit- I love graphic T's, and I love maxi's. I probably wear to much of both but it's so fun to turn a casual t shirt into something more dressy!

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Top: Walmart (on clearance) $5.00
Maxi skirt: TJ Maxx (in stores only) $16.00
Earrings: Forever 21 $4.80
Necklace: Rue 21 $7.99
Watch: Rue 21 $12.99
Bracelet: c/o Dress Link $1.67
Crown Ring: c/o Dress Link $0.81
Get this look for $49.26

(Utah sunsets = the best sunsets!)


  1. I think we've all unfortunately had a gothic stage at some point in our teen years!! Loving today's outfit!

  2. 1. You're adorable
    2. How do you make a top from Wal-Mart look so cute
    3. Love your blog and your bargain prices but I might have to debate you on the best sunsets ;) Oklahoma has some good ones! ;)