Thursday, March 14, 2013

{faux leather}

The entire reason I started this blog was to show women you don't need a ton of money to look or feel stylish, and this outfit completely portrays this! For instance, the clothing part of this outfit only cost a total of $6!! That's right! You can score yourself a pair of these amazing faux leather leggings for less then $2! Hello!! How awesome is that? Especially for the fact they REALLY do look leather! (My husband had to feel them because he didn't believe they were fake!) I found this top in a clearance section and it was the first shirt I grabbed. Don't be afraid to shop in this section! I always walk away with a few things that are 1/4 the original price. Its so worth it!
I also am a little obsessed with this purse and I've never seen anything like it! It's the perfect piece when you want a pop of color!

(To enter this weeks blue and yellow polka dot purse giveaway, go HERE)

Top: Rue 21 (on clearance) $3.99
Faux leather leggings: c/o Dress Link $1.99
Purse: c/o Dress Link $7.00
Necklace: Rue 21 $7.99
Bracelet: c/o Dress Link  $1.67
Crown Ring: c/o Dress Link $0.81
Get this look for: $23.45

Shoes: Rue 21


  1. Holy cow, thank you for sharing about Dress Link!!