Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{valentine glitter nails}

Many of you may not know but I'm a nail technician and I LOVE showing people tricks on sprucing up their nails! I've done a full on glitter toe tutorial on my other blog (HERE) but this one is extremely simple and requires no skill! If you can paint your nails, you can do this! These however don't last as long as the gel glitter nails but they are great when you need something quick!

{black pea coat}

This lovely mound of snow is right in front of my house. Its a few feet taller than me can you believe it?! I'm so ready for spring! I'm not a fan of snow after Christmas. Anyway, I had to bundle up to run some errands today and this is definitely my go to coat. I've literally worn it almost every day this winter (that's our secret!) The best part is how little it cost! Have I ever mentioned how much I love Ross? Well I do because I always find amazing deals like this! My favorite piece in this outfit is the eternity scarf! It's homemade and takes a couple minutes to make! Go (HERE) for a tutorial on how to make your very own!

{pea coat} Ross- $13.99
{skinny jeans}- TJ Maxx- 10.99 
{shoes} H&M (not online) -$24.99
{scarf}- homemade :)
{earrings}- (Rue 21) $5.99
TOTAL: $55.96

{eternity scarf tutorial}

Tutorial on the "eternity scarf"

Find an old shirt that you're okay with destroying, and a pair of scissors! (The larger the shirt, the better!)

Cut off both ends of the shirt. Right below the armpit straight across and the bottom seam
(This bottom seam curved down so just make sure you make your cut straight across.
Your cuts don't have to be perfect!!)

Cut one inch strips until you have cut the entire shirt into strips. pull them apart as far as you can to get them really stretched out!

put them together with the seams matching up.

Using a piece of the left over shirt, cut a strip and use it to tie it together

Use anything you have around the house to dress it up! I had this little pearl bracelet that I never wear so I tied it around to make it a little more decorative!
(I'm wearing this wrapped around my neck twice! If you want it longer just wrap it once!)

Monday, January 28, 2013

{mama style}

Hey readers, I just entered in one of my favorite fashion bloggers (Cara Loren) "mama style" contest! What a fun idea for a bunch of mothers to show how they can still be fashionable even if they're rockin a baby on their hip! I absolutely love all the other gals who put this little contest together, they all have amazing styles! Click on the "mama style" button to check them all out OR to enter in the mama style

 My style has definitely changed since I became a mom, and even more so now that my babes are all over the place and I have to chase not one but TWO babies going in different directions! Don't be fooled though ladies, it is possible to still be extremely comfy AND stylish! 

My MUST haves in a mommy closet would be...

 A button up blouse- These are amazing with skinny jeans or leggings and you can dress them up or down however you please!

Maxi skirt- These are so comfy yet chic! possibly the only type of dress I can chase my boys in!

Leggings- You can never go wrong with them and you can always step outside just plain ones and get some printed ones like these!

I haven't shown any of you readers my little boys yet so here is a picture of the little darlings!
        Cohen & Simon

Awww.. aren't they the sweetest!? ;)

{floral printed skirt}

What a great find once again at Ross! Can I just tell you how much I love that store?! I always walk out with so many great pieces! 

{Top}: old- similar (HERE) $5.99
{Skirt}: Ross $12.99
{Leggings}: (H&M) $9.95
{Boots}: old- similar (HERE) $12.99
{Earrings}: (HERE) $0.99
{Sunglasses}: Forever 21 $5.80
Bracelets}: Forever 21 $4.80
TOTAL: $53.51

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dollar store eye shadow tutorial

Here's a picture of the makeup in better lighting! 
It really is amazing eyeshadow! I haven't used anything else since I bought my
first one about a year ago! 

Apologizing now for the poor quality and my rambunctious baby! I've made a list of
everything I use just in case you couldn't see if very good in the video!

(forgot to mention lipgloss, but this is what I use!)
bonne bell lip lites- mocha mousse

{pastels & giveaway}

I felt like dressing really girly today and this rosette headband added the perfect touch for that! I'm so in love with it! I'm also apologizing that you're already seeing this cream leather jacket again but it's such a great piece that you'll probably be seeing it a lot more in the future! Scroll to the bottom to see the awesome giveaway!

{Jacket}: Old- similar (HERE) $13.00
{Top}: TJ maxx $8.99
{Pants}:TJ maxx $12.99
{Headband} homemade :)
{Shoes}: Ross $13.00
{Earrings}: (Rue 21) 5.99
TOTAL: $53.97

You know how much I love DIY projects so I thought I would get crafty and make my very first giveaway item to one lucky follower!! I LOVE how much this simple headband makes an entire outfit! I will be posting a tutorial on how to make your very own later on! But hey, might as well try to get one for free right?! ;)

{winner will be announced February 2nd}

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{Entries close February1st}

Thursday, January 24, 2013

{polka dots}

So in love with this darling polka dot sweater! I love how versatile it is and all the different ways you can wear it! I needed to look a little more dressed up for a certain occasion so I added a collard under shirt to make it a little bit more sophisticated! Although it's just as amazing wearing it on a lazy day with some cute leggings or skinny jeans!

{Sweater}: (Forever 21) $17.50
{Leggings}: (H&M) $9.95
{Boots}: Old- similar ones (HERE) $12.99
{Necklace}: (Etsy) $9.99
{Earrings}: Forever 21 (in stores only) $4.80
TOTAL: $55.23

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I absolutely LOVE the look of halos but I haven't had much luck finding one anywhere and the ones i've found online are pretty pricy so I thought I would just make one! Go (HERE) for a tutorial on how to make your very own for $3.00! 

{Dress}: TJ Maxx ($16.99
{Shirt}: Ross $8.99
{Halo}: DIY- Walmart $3.00
Watch}: (Rue 21) $12.99

TOTAL: $41.97

{halo tutorial}


Step 1:
Go to the craft section at Walmart and find a chain you want! This one is black and gold. 
(It comes with the little circle rings you'll need to put it together!)

Step 2:
Using needle nose pliers, open all your rings so they're ready to go!

Holding the end of one side, wrap it around your head with as much slack as your going to want bringing the other side to the front. Hold the two together, slowly take it off and using needle nose pliers, put one of the rings through the two chains and clamp it shut.

Step 3:
Bring the slack across the top of your head
(makes sure its even, its not in this picture sorry!!)
clamp on a ring to the back center.
This can be your finished halo if you want! Or you can do step 4/5 to get
yours to replicate mine!

Step 4/5:
Bring the slack back across to the front, draping it to
your desired amount! Complete this again on the other side ending your halo
in the back! Cut off any excess chain


{white leather}

There are lots of layers here for hardly any money! I didn't include the shorts into my total because I used an old pair of pants and you can to! ;) Its still amazing all of this cost under $50 when most faux leather jackets alone are over that price! 

{Jacket}: old- similar (HERE)- $13.00
{Shirt}: TJ Maxx (in stores only)- $7.99
{Shorts}: homemade
{Leggings}: (H&M)- $9.95
{Boots}: Old- similar (HERE)- $12.99
{Earrings}: Forever 21(in stores only)- $4.80
TOTAL: $48.73

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


This is my favorite top at the moment and I probably wear it more then I should but I cant help it! I love how bright it is and the fact you don't really need accessories because of the studded collar!   

{Top}- Ross $16.99
{Leggings}- (H&M) $9.95
{Boots}- old- similar (HERE) $19.99
{Earring's}- Forever 21 (in stores only) $4.80
TOTAL: $51.73