Wednesday, January 23, 2013

{halo tutorial}


Step 1:
Go to the craft section at Walmart and find a chain you want! This one is black and gold. 
(It comes with the little circle rings you'll need to put it together!)

Step 2:
Using needle nose pliers, open all your rings so they're ready to go!

Holding the end of one side, wrap it around your head with as much slack as your going to want bringing the other side to the front. Hold the two together, slowly take it off and using needle nose pliers, put one of the rings through the two chains and clamp it shut.

Step 3:
Bring the slack across the top of your head
(makes sure its even, its not in this picture sorry!!)
clamp on a ring to the back center.
This can be your finished halo if you want! Or you can do step 4/5 to get
yours to replicate mine!

Step 4/5:
Bring the slack back across to the front, draping it to
your desired amount! Complete this again on the other side ending your halo
in the back! Cut off any excess chain


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