Saturday, March 23, 2013

{"IT WORKS" body wraps}

I am THEEEE most skeptical person you'll ever meet. So when I heard you could potentially lose between 1 and a few inches in 45 minutes I laughed at the thought! I was shown pictures of before/after which made me believe it a little more but I still had to try it for myself. SO, I met up with a distributor, gave her my $25, took some pictures and measurements and then tried this puppy on.

(these photos are completely untouched)

Once I put the pictures side by side I was SHOCKED!! This looks like weeks of hard work!!
Summer is right around the corner, and I know most of you men and women would love to just tighten in certain areas! Who wouldn't love to throw on a wrap one hour before heading off to the pool and get some amazing quick results! Don't like your thighs or arms? these work on any body part!

How it works
Maybe your doubting that it's possible to loose inches or look better in 45 minutes, but there is science behind this wrap thing! 
Did you know: Everyone is born with as many fat cells as they will ever have? BUT, your fat cells can grow 1000x the size they naturally are. That is what causes us to gain weight and get that lovely cottage cheese. Cellulite is caused by fat cells bloated with toxins.

Here is a picture showing the difference between healthy and bloated fat cells

So how does this work?
 The botanical blend in our wraps penetrate the skin and enter into the deeper skin layers, getting straight to the fat cell where it releases the toxins out of them! Those toxins are then picked up by the blood stream, filtered through the kidneys and are essentially eliminated through your urine. 

All you need to do is wear the wrap for 45 minutes and drink lots of water! 
(Drinking water will flush the toxins out of your system quicker!)

How often can you wrap?
You can wrap again within 72 hours!

Is this permanent?
The results are guaranteed for 30-60 days, but they have been permanent for many customers!

Take a look at a few other stories!

The picture below is after only 6 wraps!!


Wrap: $25.00 each
($15.00 each for loyal customers!)

Wrap parties- Throw your very own wrap party and receive a $25 credit for your own wrap OR one 
of the other amazing products we have!

Wondering what a wrap party is? All you do is find some friends who would be interested in trying the wrap and we can host a little get together at your place or mine! I come in, take your measurements and wrap everyone! I then talk about what the product does while we wait for 45 minutes (Oh, and make sure there are water bottles a plenty for everyone to be guzzling during the 45 minutes!)
 Once it's time to take the wraps off, I re-measure everyone and get to see everyones excitement as they see themselves tighter and thinner!

To buy a wrap, host a wrap party, OR to join my AMAZING team, email me at!


  1. So is it one use per wrap? Or do you use the wrap a certain amount of times

  2. You can only use 1 wrap once! Each one is $25 unless you're a loyal customer and they are $15! Definitely worth the money for how amazing the results are!! :)

  3. Do they ship? or do they have a website or something?

    1. Yes!! Simply visit my website and click on the "shop" at the top of the page! :) If you have any other questions go ahead and email me at!

  4. Come to my place tomorrow and wrap my thighs! If you cut me a deal I'll do more of my body. How many can you do at a time?

    1. Good question!! I went and looked it up on our website because I was actually unsure! They say "We encourage to only use one wrap at a time because targeting one specific area gives you the most dramatic results. It continues working for 72 hours so its best to wait 72 hours before wrapping any area!" AND I would love to except I completely sold out of them! :/ My next shipment should be here either tomorrow or tuesday! Do you want me to let you know when it gets here?!

  5. Yes please do! you can email me at and we can coordinate a time to do it. I am also interested in what it means and requires to become a "loyal customer". I also may be interested in hosting a party!